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Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

Divorce can be a financially and emotionally draining process. Do you really have to pay an exorbitant amount of legal fees to get through the divorce process in Singapore? There is nothing wrong with looking for cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore, as long as your objectives are met.

Understand the Services Provided by Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

Before you engage a cheap divorce lawyer in Singapore, understand the full-scope of services provided by him/ her for that advertised price. Cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore will be especially helpful if:

1. You have reached an amicable settlement with your spouse and just need a lawyer to process the paperwork.

2. You know what you want exactly and do not need much of your divorce lawyer’s time.

Cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore will usually offer a fixed fee package for uncontested divorces. Their services will usually include:

1. Preparation of your divorce documents.

2. Arrangement of a Commissioner of Oaths to witness your signing of the divorce documents.

3. Filing of the divorce documents.

4. Extraction of the Interim and Final Judgments of divorce.

When engaging a cheap divorce lawyer in Singapore for your uncontested divorce, be sure to find out:

1. If there are any hidden charge Some cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore merely provide a quote for their legal fees and the fees may excluding court filing fees, disbursements and GST.

2. If there is any work not covered in the package and the work is essential for the divorce. For instance, some cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore will merely prepare the divorce papers without filing the divorce papers on your behalf. If the papers are not filed in Court, you will not get your divorce judgments.

Contested Divorces in Singapore

It will be difficult for a lawyer to offer a fixed-fee package if you are heading for a contested divorce in Singapore, since your lawyer will not be able to anticipate the full scope of work involved. In such circumstances, the cheapest divorce lawyers in Singapore may not be the ones offering you an attractive looking quotation at the onset. The quotation may not include certain essential work and this may lead to a top-up of fees later on in the proceedings.

Rather, you may wish to look for a lawyer who is able to offer you a fixed-fee package as this will provide you with some certainty over your legal costs.

You should have a thorough discussion with your divorce lawyer on the scope of work covered by the fixed-fee package. You should check with your divorce lawyer if there is any essential work not covered by the fixed fee package. You should also ask if there is any “hidden cost”, such as disbursements, filing fees and GST.


Above all, you should be comfortable with the divorce lawyer you are working with. Divorce is a personal service and a personal choice. You will need someone whom you can work comfortably with, especially if you are headed for a contested divorce. Other than being affordable, this person should be approachable, knowledgeable about divorce laws and experienced. It should be noted that no lawyer is perfect. You should find someone with the right balance of attributes.

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