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Child Custody Lawyers in Singapore

When do you need child custody lawyers in Singapore? You may apply for custody of your child during your marriage, in the middle of your divorce proceedings or after your divorce. Child custody lawyers in Singapore will be able to offer you advice on the custody conditions which you can ask for and your chances of success. Divorce lawyers are often appointed to handle child custody related issues.


Who Gets Custody of the Child After Divorce?

This may be the top question on your mind, before you even commence divorce proceedings. Who gets custody of the child after divorce? The paramount consideration of the Court is the welfare of the child. The Court will take into account the following factors:

1. The wishes of the parents, subject to the best interests of the child.

2. The wishes of the child, if the child is able to express his/ her opinions independently.

The Court may also call for a custody evaluation report in Singapore to assist the Court in making a decision.



Custody refers to the right given to parents to make major decisions on behalf of the child, especially in relation to major medical, education and religious decisions.

Under Section 126 of the Women’s Charter, an order for custody in Singapore may include:

1. The residence of the child.

2. The manner of the child’s education.

3. The religion that the child is brought up in.

4. Prohibit the person having custody of the child from removing the child out of Singapore.

5. Provide for the child to be in the temporary care and control of another person.

6. Provide for the child to visit another parent/ relative who does not have custody.

Child Custody After Divorce in Singapore

An application may be made to vary orders on child custody after divorce in Singapore if there is a  material change in circumstances.


Child Maintenance in Singapore

Child maintenance is usually discussed together with child custody in Singapore. Similarly, child maintenance in Singapore can be applied during the marriage or after divorce.

What about children born outside of marriage? Illegitimate child maintenance in Singapore can also be applied. Parents have the duty to maintain their children in Singapore, even if the child is illegitimate or not in their custody. See: Section 68 of the Women’s Charter.

When considering the quantum of illegitimate child maintenance in Singapore (or in the case of an application of child maintenance in Singapore when parties are still married), the Court will consider the following factors:

1. The financial needs of the child.

2. The present and future income, earning capacity and financial means of both parents.

3. Any disability of the child.

4. The standard of living enjoyed by the child prior to one parent’s failure/ neglect to maintain the child.

5. The manner in which the child was being educated or trained. The manner in which the parents expect the child to be educated or trained.


When considering the quantum of child maintenance in Singapore, the Court will take into account the factors listed in Section 114 of the Women’s Charter, most of which are similar to the abovementioned factors.

Child maintenance in Singapore will stop upon the child reaching the age of 21.

A child custody lawyer in Singapore will be able to give further advice specific to your case.


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