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Will Divorce Affect My PR or LTVP in Singapore?

If you are a foreigner and you are getting divorced in Singapore, one of your top most concerns may be: will divorce affect your PR (permanent residency) or LTVP (long term visit pass) in Singapore? There are different scenarios which may lead to different outcomes.


PR After Divorce- Will Divorce Affect My PR in Singapore?

If you are a PR (permanent resident) in Singapore, your PR status will generally not be affected by the divorce. This means that you will still be a PR after divorce.


Dependant’s Pass/ LTVP After Divorce

What if you are on a long-term visit pass in Singapore? What will happen to your dependant’s pass/ LTVP after divorce?


Scenario 1: Both Parties Are Non-Singaporeans

If your spouse decided to move to Singapore for work and you chose to follow him/ her, you would have been granted a dependant’s pass to live in Singapore. You may also be granted an employment pass (EP) if you have a job in Singapore and met the eligibility criteria. If you are on an EP, your EP will not be affected after the divorce.

Conversely, you are likely to only have a dependant’s pass if you do not intend to work in Singapore. If you only have a dependant’s pass, your ability to remain in Singapore depends on your status as a dependant (i.e. spouse) of your spouse. After the conclusion of the divorce proceedings, you can expect cancellation of your dependant’s pass and you may have to leave Singapore. If you have the intention to remain in Singapore, you should not just rely on having a spouse visa in Singapore. A more practical solution will be to look for a job in Singapore an apply for an employment pass.

As for your child, his/ her dependant’s pass will continue to be valid if it is tied to your spouse’s pass and your spouse has care and control of the child.


Scenario 2: Your Spouse is a Singapore Citizen

Even if your spouse is a Singapore citizen, your situation does not change much. Your spouse would have applied for a long-term visit pass (LTVP) for you. Applications for LTVP requires proof of marriage. The end of the marriage will result in the cancellation of the LTVP after divorce. Hence, if you decide to continue remain in Singapore, you should apply for a job in Singapore.


Leaving Singapore After Divorce

If you decide not to remain in Singapore after the divorce, you may return to your home country to start afresh. Things are less complicated if you do not have a child.

If you have a child and you plan to relocate with the child, you will need either the consent of your ex-spouse or the Court to do so. Under Section 126(3) and (4) of the Women’s Charter, you may not take the child out of Singapore for more than a month unless there is written consent from both parents or leave (permission) from the Court.  If you were to leave Singapore without the required consent, you may be conducting international child abduction.

You should consider seeking legal advice from an experienced divorce lawyer who will be able to help with your post-divorce plans.


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