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Divorce Lawyer Review

There are many divorce lawyer reviews that you can find on the internet. It is always nice to appoint a divorce lawyer whom others have spoken well of. However, before reading divorce lawyer reviews, you should ask yourself what are the qualities you are looking for in a divorce lawyer for your case.



When reading divorce lawyer reviews, look out for lawyers who are described as experienced. An experienced divorce lawyer in Singapore will give you an objective assessment of your situation. He/ she would have gone through many divorce cases and he/ she would be able to run through different probabilities and scenarios with you:

1. What is likely to happen to your matrimonial home?

2. Do you have to sell your matrimonial home after the divorce or can the ownership of the home be transferred between spouses? How much time do you have to sell/ transfer your matrimonial home?

3. Who is more likely to have custody and care and control of your child?

4. How much maintenance are you likely to receive/ give for your child?



You should also look out for a divorce lawyer in Singapore who has a track record for being a competent negotiator. Not all divorces proceed to trial. In fact, most do not! A competent negotiator-lawyer will be able to handle negotiations with your spouse’s divorce lawyer and ensure that your interests are protected. Your divorce lawyer will also be able to prepare you well for mediation sessions and counselling sessions. He/ she will also be able to advise you on whether the demands of your spouse are reasonable.

Hence, it is important to look out for a good negotiator-lawyer when reading divorce lawyer reviews.


Trial Lawyer

While not all divorce cases move on to trial, you should always be prepared for the probability of trial in case you are not able to reach an amicable settlement with your spouse through negotiations/ mediations. The Family Justice Courts will have a lot of discretion in divorce cases and make decisions based on relevant facts. An effective trial lawyer will be able to strategize with you on how to best present your case to the Court, to ensure that your case is presented in the best possible light.



Divorce can be a draining process- both financially and emotionally. There are many costs that you need to think about post-divorce, such as the costs of finding new accomodation and increased household expenses. If you can save on divorce fees, why not?

However, when reading divorce lawyer reviews, you should not only compare prices but also compare the services covered by the different divorce lawyers. Understand the cost structure of different lawyers and the work covered by such cost packages.

Some divorce lawyers in Singapore may quote an attractive fee upfront, which does not cover essential work required for your divorce judgment. For example, some lawyers may quote S$x for the preparation of divorce documents. S$x may exclude Court filing fees which are payable to the Court.

Be sure to look for a divorce lawyer who is able to be cost-effective. This means that he/ she is able to achieve your objective of getting the divorce judgments at a budget which you are comfortable with.


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