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Spousal Maintenance in Singapore

You may have many questions on your mind in relation to spousal maintenance in Singapore (also known as alimony). For instance, is there a wife maintenance calculator in Singapore? How is alimony determined in Singapore? Will a wife who earns more than her husband be able to receive spousal maintenance in Singapore? Will there be any circumstance whereby a wife needs to provide spousal maintenance in Singapore to her husband?


Spousal Maintenance in Singapore

Under Section 113 of the Women’s Charter, the Court is empowered to order spousal maintenance in Singapore from a husband to his wife/ ex-wife or from a wife to her incapacitated husband/ ex-husband during matrimonial proceedings or when granting a judgment of divorce, judicial separation or annulment.

If a wife is self-sufficient or drawing a high salary, the Court may decide not to grant any maintenance. This may also be the case where the wife receives substantial amount of matrimonial assets (thereby making her self-sufficient). This also applies to the case of nominal maintenance of S$1. The Court of Appeal had in a case indicated that nominal maintenance in Singapore should not be an automatic right as the husband should not be a “general insurer of sorts”. Nominal maintenance in Singapore may open up the prospects of a variation of the maintenance order in the future if the needs arises. Hence, nominal maintenance in Singapore is not merely nominal in name as there may be practical implications as well.

In the case that spousal maintenance in Singapore is awarded, it may be in the form of a lump sum payment or periodic payments (e.g. monthly payments).


Maintenance of Incapacitated Husbands in Singapore

It used to be that no husband is able to make a claim for spousal maintenance in Singapore.  This has changed with amendments to the Women’s Charter. Now, it is possible for ill or incapacitated husbands/ ex-husbands to apply for spousal maintenance in Singapore if they fulfill the following conditions:

1. Incapacitated by a physical or mental disability before/ during the marriage.

2. Unable to make a living as a result of the disability.

3. Unable to support himself financially.


Wife maintenance calculator in Singapore

How is alimony determined in Singapore?

While we do not have a ready-made wife maintenance calculator in Singapore, the following factors listed in Section 114 of the Women’s Charter will provide guidance on how the Courts reach its decision on the quantum of spousal maintenance in Singapore.

1. The income of parties.

2. The financial means (such as assets owned) of parties.

3. The financial needs and obligations of parties.

4. The standard of living enjoyed by the parties before the breakdown of the marriage.

5. Parties’ ages and the length of the marriage.

6. Parties’ respective contributions towards the marriage (both financial and non-financial).

7. Parties’ potential losses as a result of the marriage.

What if your husband refuses to pay spousal maintenance in Singapore after the grant of a maintenance order? You can make an enforcement claim in Court.

You should seek advice from an experienced divorce lawyer in Singapore on other options if your husband refuses to pay spousal maintenance in Singapore.  Contact us at +6598330314 (whatsapp) for more information on spousal maintenance in Singapore.

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